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Pendleton Heights Curbside Compost Program

Pendleton Heights’ weekly curbside food scrap collection program – powered by bicycle!


Food scraps like banana peels, carrot tops, coffee grounds, and old bread which you used to put in the trash can now be saved in order to create compost: a mix-ture of decaying organic substances, like leaves or food scraps, used for fertilizing soil and growing great vegetables and flowers! Leaves and small yard waste will be collected occasionally as well.


Help save about 15% of your normal trash from going to the Johnson County landfill just by throwing compostable food scraps in your compost container. Instead of sit-ting in the landfill those food scraps from your kitchen will break down naturally into a resource for gardens right here in Pendleton Heights!

  • Step 1: Collect your kitchen food scraps in a small container in your kitchen. We suggest using a cottage cheese container, or other container that holds at least 4 cups. You might even consider using a plastic ice cream bucket.
  • Step 2: When your kitchen container is full just empty it into your curbside compost bucket (supplied by Jerusalem Farm).

This larger bucket may be stored in your house or in your garage next to your garbage can (wherever works best for you). Then simply wash out the kitchen food scraps container and start filling it again.


You can collect food scraps at anytime. Jerusalem Farm will bike by in warmer months and drive by in cooler months to pick up the compost from your curbside once a week.


From your kitchen to your curbside collection container to the curb on collection day to the Jerusalem Farm compost piles and finally into the soil creating beautiful flowers and delicious fruits & vegetables.

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