Our community currently consists of eight people (including one baby), some chickens, and hundreds of red worms. You'll find some information about us below, but we welcome anyone to stop by the Farm at any time to really get to know us.
Jessie Schiele
Jessie Schiele (Program Director)

Jessie Schiele (born Jessie Lynn Wambold) grew up in Gaylord, the "Hub" of Northern Michigan. She grew up attending, and her parents still attend, Gaylord Evangelical Free Church. After graduating high school in 2003 Jessie spent 11 months traveling around the world, visiting Central America, New Zealand & Australia, South East Asia, India, and parts of Eastern Europe. Her travels were a great education and full of life changing experiences. In January of 2008 she joined AmeriCorps NCCC (The National Civilian Community Corps), a team based traveling national service program. While planting trees and building a tree-house in Vermont she met her now husband, Jordan. After NCCC, the two volunteered together in Hattiesburg, MS; working on homes devastated by Hurricane Katrina. In August of 2009, the couple joined staff at Nazareth Farm, in April of 2010 Jessie became the Project Coordinator. They were married June 18th 2010 on a farm near Jessie's hometown. A little over a year later in August of 2011, in a bright green house on Nazareth Farm Road, Jessie and Jordan welcomed home their son Nathaniel. Two months later Nathaniel took his first plane ride as the three of them visited Kansas City for the first time. The family moved to Jerusalem Farm in April of 2012. Jessie is still working on setting up her sewing room but looks forward to continuing her passion of quilting and making/repairing clothes.

Jordan Schiele
Jordan Schiele (Project Director)

Jordan Schiele was born October 6th 1985 in Sacramento, California. Jordan was raised in a devout Catholic family and was the oldest of three children. At an all boy Jesuit High School the seeds of prayer, community, service and simplicity were planted even though they were not fully recognized at the time. During what would have been his college years, Jordan created a window cleaning business named Brighter Day Windows, coached freshman football and worked other various jobs such as Fed-Ex, EPA, and Market Square Grill. Looking for an alternative way of living Jordan joined Americorps NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps) where he spent 10 months volunteering around the country in Virginia, Mississippi, Maryland and Vermont. It was in this program that Jordan re-discovered his love for simplicity and service. He also realized a unknown passion for home-repair. It was also in this program that he met his wife Jessie. After the program ended in November of 2008, Jordan and Jessie spent their time hitch-hiking around the country to visit family and finally ended up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi where they spent 5 months living with a wonderful couple Ray and Annie, worshiping with Ebeneezer Baptist Church and working on rebuilding a damaged house from Hurricane Katrina for Mary. When the work was finished, in an effort to learn more about his Catholic faith tradition and to explore communal living, Jordan and Jessie stumbled upon Nazareth Farm and made West Virginia their home from August of 2009 until April of 2012. When asked to help in the creation of Jerusalem Farm, Jordan was humbled and extremely excited for the joys, challenges and transformation that this new community would bring.

Nathanial Schiele
Nathanial Schiele

Nathanial was born on August 7th, 2011 and is an emerging toddler. He likes to mess with things and play with the chickens. Watch your stuff, because it will probably end up in the recycling. When asked to add to his bio, he typed this: vu btttytvb

Abhi D
Abhi Didgeridoo

Abhi is a third-culture kid (TCK) who has lived in four different countries. He came to the US for college where he met Andrea and learned about sustainability and community development. By living out service in intentional community Abhi is exploring the implications of the message of the gospel on his life. He enjoys building relationships, working with his hands to create and fix things, making music, and riding motorcycles. In this season of his life Abhi is particularly working on the practice of presence and seeking oneness with Creation.

Andrea D
Andrea Didgeridoo

Andrea has lived in the Midwest all of her life, including Madison, WI, Northwest IA, and the Minneapolis, MN area, so Kansas City is the farthest "south" she has lived so far! Andrea has been shaped through experiences as a yearlong volunteer with the organization Mission Year in Chicago, relationships with families in transitional housing, and while working on an organic farm. Prior to living at Jerusalem Farm Andrea and her spouse, Abhi, lived in community and served at a retreat center in Minnesota. Andrea's interests and pursuits include community, sustainable farming, bread baking, and lacto-fermentation!

Kristina DiVozzo
Kristina DiVozzo

Kristina DiVozzo is a gal who was born Kristina Krausman in South-East Michigan and grew up in a little house with her parents and older sister. After 18 years of life, she packed her bags and moved to Grand Rapids. She spent her time there learning about God, math, children, and being a grown-up. She fell in love with her friend Zack and they moved together to Nazareth Farm in Center Point, West Virginia. She discovered a passion for cooking and making things from scratch and country living. After getting married to Zack, they both felt the call to move to the big city, and here they are. Kristina loves being Catholic, being silly, and going on adventures. She currently enjoys cross stitching vegetables, practicing her accordion, spending time with her community, and learning about essential oils.

Zack DiVozzo
Zack DiVozzo

Hey everyone, I'm Zack and I told everyone to write their bios in third person but I'm writing my own in FIRST person. I'm quite the character and am in charge of the website, so I can do things like that. I was raised in Michigan, snoozed through 21 years of education and then moved to Nazareth Farm in Center Point, West Virginia with my wonderful wife, Kristina (in all ways, my other half and soulmate). I learned more than I thought possible in all areas of life, but most noticeably in home repair and the cornerstones. We met Jordan and Jess there, and quickly got on board when Jerusalem Farm was in the works in WV. I like strategy board games a lot, and try desperately to ditch my competitive nature by constantly putting it to the test. I'm Catholic and very much believe and try to live out the Catholic Social teaching principles. I like to argue sometimes, and other times I just like to listen. It's hard for me to do both, but I'm working on it. This may have gone unnecessarily deep into my personality. Hmm...