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Our community currently consists of five adults and two children, some chickens, and thousands of honeybees! You'll find some information about us below, but we welcome anyone to stop by the Farm at any time to really get to know us.
Jessie Schiele
Jessie Schiele (Executive Director and Popcorn-Maker)

Jessie Schiele (born Jessie Lynn Wambold) grew up in Gaylord, the "Hub" of Northern Michigan. She grew up attending, and her parents still attend, Gaylord Evangelical Free Church. After graduating high school in 2003 Jessie spent 11 months traveling around the world, visiting Central America, New Zealand & Australia, South East Asia, India, and parts of Eastern Europe. Her travels were a great education and full of life changing experiences. In January of 2008 she joined AmeriCorps NCCC (The National Civilian Community Corps), a team based traveling national service program. While planting trees and building a tree-house in Vermont she met her now husband, Jordan. After NCCC, the two volunteered together in Hattiesburg, MS; working on homes devastated by Hurricane Katrina. In August of 2009, the couple joined staff at Nazareth Farm, in April of 2010 Jessie became the Project Coordinator. They were married June 18th 2010 on a farm near Jessie's hometown. A little over a year later in August of 2011, in a bright green house on Nazareth Farm Road, Jessie and Jordan welcomed home their son Nathaniel. Two months later Nathaniel took his first plane ride as the three of them visited Kansas City for the first time. The family moved to Jerusalem Farm in April of 2012. Jessie has given up on the idea of having a sewing room but continues her passion of quilting and making/repairing clothes on weekends in the dining room.

Jordan Schiele
Jordan Schiele (Project Director and Resident Sweet Tooth)

Jordan Schiele was born October 6th 1985 in Sacramento, California. Jordan was raised in a devout Catholic family and was the oldest of three children. At an all boy Jesuit High School the seeds of prayer, community, service and simplicity were planted even though they were not fully recognized at the time. During what would have been his college years, Jordan created a window cleaning business named Brighter Day Windows, coached freshman football and worked other various jobs such as Fed-Ex, EPA, and Market Square Grill. Looking for an alternative way of living Jordan joined Americorps NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps) where he spent 10 months volunteering around the country in Virginia, Mississippi, Maryland and Vermont. It was in this program that Jordan re-discovered his love for simplicity and service. He also realized a unknown passion for home-repair. It was also in this program that he met his wife Jessie. After the program ended in November of 2008, Jordan and Jessie spent their time hitch-hiking around the country to visit family and finally ended up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi where they spent 5 months living with a wonderful couple Ray and Annie, worshiping with Ebeneezer Baptist Church and working on rebuilding a damaged house from Hurricane Katrina for Mary. When the work was finished, in an effort to learn more about his Catholic faith tradition and to explore communal living, Jordan and Jessie stumbled upon Nazareth Farm and made West Virginia their home from August of 2009 until April of 2012. When asked to help in the creation of Jerusalem Farm, Jordan was humbled and extremely excited for the joys, challenges and transformation that this new community would bring.

Nathaniel Schiele (Curbside Compost Assistant and Photographer)

Nathaniel was born on August 7th, 2011 and is an amazing toddler.  He loves to play outside in his spaceship, "do his work" in the garden and with the chickens, and go on bike rides with his dad.  Nathaniel is now an older brother to his sister Jubilee ("Jubibee").  He loves having friends over to play with him!

Jubilee Schiele(Cutest Baby)

Jubilee was born on March 15th, 2014.  Jubilee is a joyous baby who loves to follow her brother around, eat eggs, and be held!  She likes the feel of fabric and playing peek-a-boo.  One day she hopes to climb like her brother, talk like her brother, eat ceral like her brother, and grab stuff on the counter.  When visiting feel free to give her a hug and carry her around.

Alishiya "Shisha" Kapoor(House Manager and Flow-Artist)

Alishiya Kapoor was raised in Virginia Beach, VA and went to college in Northern VA at Marymount University, where she discovered her love for service and simplicity through mission trips to Peru, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica, as well as through local volunteer opportunities in the DC area. After graduating, Alishiya knew that she wanted to further pursue a lifestyle of service and simplicity, while still growing in her spiritual life, which is how she found herself at Jerusalem Farm in Sept. 2013 as a sojourner. Unsure about community living before she came, she soon found out it was something that she desired and wanted in her life, before her commitment as a sojourner was even over, she applied and transitioned into being a community member at the farm in January 2014. Right now Alishiya is embracing the life of a radical homemaker, from being a part of the connection of the food from our garden to cooking and preparing it for a meal, to improvising meals during group weeks with the food we have and to learning to can/process all the fruits and veggies we get. When not in the kitchen, you can find Alishiya on her yoga mat, discovering her breath and the presence of God or in the chapel developing flow with her hoop.

Jordan "Sunny" Hamrick(Curbside Compost Manager and Live Trapper)

Sunny was born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana under the given name Jordan Hamrick. There he attended Jefferson High School where he participated in many sports as well as the art program. Coming out of high school he decided to follow the footsteps of his two older siblings by becoming a college athlete. His brother was soon to begin his fourth year playing football at Saint Xavier University on the South Side of Chicago, it was because of this connection that Jordan decided to attend SXU and play on the soccer team. Jordan began his freshman year at Saint Xavier University studying biology but soon found the work was not worth the reward and quickly found a new love in the study of communication. It was during this time that Jordan began to participate in SXU’s social justice club called Mercy Students for Peace and Justice. Through this club Jordan discovered the Sisters of Mercy commitment to spreading mercy, compassion, and justice for all. Jordan found this devotion very inspiring and became very intrigued with the concept of living a life of service for others. As he puts it, “I came to college to play soccer and save trees, but by the end I was there to promote social justice while gaining skills to save people and trees!”  The life Jordan was searching for was exemplified on his Spring Break Service Trip to Nazareth Farm. There Jordan met Jessie and Jordan Schiele. They invited him to live at the farm for the following summer and Jordan gladly accepted the offer. A couple weeks into his stay having two people named Jordan with similar looks created a slight issue for communication and schedules, so the nickname Sunny came to be. It was here that Sunny found a deep love for agriculture, community, and simplistic living. The warming welcome of Nazareth Farm and the incredible beauty of Appalachia helped Sunny take in a new breath of faith which has carried him through the past couple of years.  Sunny studied abroad during his junior year in the beautiful Belize (Central America, fall) and Ghana (West Africa, spring) through a NGO called Proworld. In addition to attending universities in those countries Sunny worked on projects promoting community development through sustainable agriculture. Upon graduating in May 2014 Sunny moved to Jerusalem Farm where he couldn’t be more excited to return to a life of communal living with wonderful people! Sunny continues to explore his passions of playing music, rock balancing, longboarding, and playing what are the odds.

Sara Francesconi(Volunteer Coordinator and Slug Exterminator!)

Sara was born in Cranford, New Jersey but spent most of her growing up years in Naperville, Illinois. She’s a Midwestern girl with east-coast roots, as both her parents and her older sister are once again living in New Jersey. Sara attended Creighton University in Omaha, NE and fell in love with the school, the city, and the people that surrounded her. Her four years at Creighton were full of joys and challenges and, in many ways, shaped her into adulthood. During her senior year, Sara worked as a case manager at a substance abuse facility and fell deeper into her passion for Social Work (as both a lifestyle and a profession) and working for a more just world. Sara is a reflective old-soul who believes that laughter and silliness should be a mandatory part of each day (or at the very least every other day!). After graduating with her Bachelor’s in Social Work in May 2014, Sara traveled to South America to explore, volunteer, and study Spanish. She spent 5 months in Bolivia and was lucky to share life during this time with Maryknoll missioners in Cochabamba. The rest of her travels were spent hiking, making new friends, and eating delicious food in Peru, Argentina, and various Bolivian cities. After returning to the States and spending time with family, Sara felt drawn to Kansas City and discovered Jerusalem Farm! Though she only intended to stay for a few months while searching for Social Work jobs, she quickly fell in love with the people and the lifestyle. She’s enjoying learning new skills and is humbled each day by all that she doesn’t yet know. She hopes to take this time to continue growing in community, improving her guitar and song-writing skills, speaking Spanish, and learning about the production of healthy, clean food.